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About Anna-Karin Björklund

Warmest welcome to my dreamy, inspirational, conscious, compassionate, and creative space. As a writer, and a teacher of dreams, meditation, and mindfulness, my vision is to inspire people to dream big, imagine from the heart, set clear intentions, and above all - listen to their dreams, connect with their inner creative flow, and live in mindful awareness. I'm the author of two books: The Dream Alchemist: A woman's search for love, bliss, and freedom across India, time, and dreams (published by Ars Metaphysica/ Sunbury Press, Nov 2017). A delightful memoir filled with laughter, mystery, and golden treasures; it portrays the miraculous freedom that comes from stepping into our power, listening to our dreams, and believing in ourselves. Dream Guidance: Interpret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire, (published in Dec, 2012,) offers a small and enchanting guide to how to work with our dreams! Dream Guidance was featured on the Steve Harvey TV show in February, 2016! I’m currently sprinkling some golden pixie dust on two more books that are almost complete! Thank you for finding you way here! I look forward to sharing my love for dreams, writing, soul growth, and compassionate living with you. Lots of Love, Anna-Karin Let's get social! facebook: Instagram @dreamguidance Twitter @dreamguidance Website:

MindBodyGreen Feature: Having Stress Dreams? Here’s what they mean + what to do

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In today’s fast-paced environment, many of us walk around feeling stressed during all hours of the day. We place unreasonably high demands on ourselves to be bigger and better in everything we do, and we often end up taking on a few too many projects…Read more

Month of Sleep at Miraval Life in Balance Spa

Learn how to mindfully connect with your dreams and tap into an ocean of inner wisdom. November’s theme at Miraval Life in Balance Spa is Sleep! Your dreams play a vital part of your life, and embracing your dreams can help raise your awareness, and help you develop a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and happiness, and even bring about physical healing.

Meet with Anna-Karin Bjorklund, Dream Expert and Specialist at Miraval Life in Balance SpaAnna-Karin is a Specialist at Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, where you can meet with her in a private dream session.

Miraval Life in Balance Spa Reservations: 1800-722-1543