Dream Guidance book

In Dream Guidance, Anna-Karin Bjorklund invites you into the majestic dream realms with a charming introduction to Jungian psychology, a step-by-step guide for working with your own dreams, and an illuminating collection of dream interpretation examples. Learn about different types of dreams, and how honoring your dreams can help you:

  • Reach better knowledge of yourself, including your shadow, by analyzing the projections you are making on other dream characters
  • Process and clear unconscious emotions
  • Decode symbols and messages
  • Explore synchronicity and other forms of divine guidance

Contents: Chapter 1: An Introduction to Dream Realms, Inspired by Jungian Psychology Chapter 2: Decode Messages from Your Dream Characters Chapter 3: An Intuitive Step-By-Step Guide to Dream Interpretation Chapter 4: Enhance Your Dreams with the Power of Intention and Programming Chapter 5: Nightmares Come with Urgent Messages! Chapter 6: Guidance Is All Around You—Learn How to Notice Synchronicities! Chapter 7: Recognize Intuitive and Prophetic Dreams Chapter 8: Questions to Ask When Interpreting Dreams Chapter 9: Invite Miracles into Your Life Using the Guidance from Your Dreams!

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