Dream Guidance

Learn to honor your dreams in an enchanting dream session. Embrace the guidance of dream symbols, dream encounters, emotional reactions, synchronicities, and powerful dream insights. Anna-Karin’s dream guidance sessions open doors to new powerful insights with beautiful guidance and direction – you will learn tools how to consciously enter your dreams, connect with your higher self, understand yourself with more compassion, step into your power and walk the path of self-love.

Embrace an eternal connection with your soul’s home, and expand your inner wisdom, confidence, creativity, and happiness all around, as you honor the messages, lessons, feelings, experiences, and initiations in your dreams. Learn how to lovingly illuminate and accept unknown aspects of yourself, and bring unconscious emotional patterns, thoughts, and behaviors to the surface by engaging with dream characters, stories, and symbols. When you align your heart, mind, and soul with your higher self and reconnect with your soul’s home, an abundance of energies open up and you are free to co-create and live in flow!

Your dreams help you remember who you are. Every dream you dream has the power of illuminating your life in some way. Dream work helps you practice Svadhyaya – the art of learning about yourself through interpretive study. You can turn to your dreams for help with making decisions, or for direction whenever you find yourself at a crossroads in life.

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One Dream Guidance Session

A Dream Guidance session with Anna-Karin is 55 minutes long and is conducted through Zoom. Your session can be enjoyed within 3 months of purchase.


STEP 2: Anna-Karin will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule the day and time for your first session. In the meantime, please confirm what times would work best for you.

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Miraval Sessions

You can also meet with Anna-Karin for one-on-one sessions at Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point. Please call the spa directly to schedule your session. Tel +1 949 234 3368