Life Coaching

We can reach a sacred state of believing we are anywhere! Life is full of mystery, and behind a clear intention is a powerful imagination – an imagination so vast it aligns our conscious selves with the immense power of our unconscious – where we tap into the divine energies of creation – the home behind the hologram we think we see!

If you are ready to set clear intentions, live in trust, and transcend into a loving state of high awareness and beyond all – gratitude, warmest welcome to check out my life coaching programs.

I offer an array of program options, from one-on-one dream and meditation sessions at Miraval Life in Balance Spa, to one-on-one worldwide sessions and weekly life coaching programs in the Skype Dream Studio!

Anna-Karin’s life coaching programs help you illuminate, understand – and most of all accept who you are, and where you are, while helping you set clear intentions on where you would like to be! With a unique blend of elements including solution-focused modalities, mindfulness meditation, and infinite wisdom from your dreams, learn to live a mindful life in high awareness, compassionately connected with yourself and others, living from your heart, in loving gratitude.

Anna-Karin offers one-on-one sessions at Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point (starting at $250 per hour), and is also available for life coaching programs via Skype (different pricing options).

To inquire about enrolling in a Skype life coaching program with Anna-Karin, please contact us for more information.

3 month life coaching program

one life coaching session

1 month life coaching program


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