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Learn how to mindfully connect with your dreams and tap into an ocean of inner wisdom. Your dreams play a vital part of your life, and embracing your dreams can help raise your awareness, and help you develop a deeper sense of connection, purpose, and happiness, and even bring about physical healing.

Meet with Anna-Karin Bjorklund, Dream Expert and Specialist at Miraval Life in Balance SpaAnna-Karin is a Specialist at Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, where you can meet with her in a private dream session.

Miraval Life in Balance Spa Reservations: 1800-722-1543



If you are ready to live a life in higher awareness, the most powerful step you can take is aligning your conscious self with the immense power of your unconscious – and a wondrous avenue for doing so is indeed within your dreams! We have all experienced the true enchantment that comes from reaching a state of pure wonder – the magical feeling of having our wishes fulfilled. If you would like to live a more mindful life in higher awareness, and beyond all – living in a state of gratitude, warmest welcome to check out Anna-Karin’s life coaching programs.\


Learn how to master your life while dreaming! In this session, we embrace the energy of your dream adventures, and explore how to set crystal clear dream affirmations before going to bed. Tap into the immense power that comes from believing in having your wishes fulfilled – even before you see the solution. Dream and believe, and so it will be.


Enhance your inner wisdom, creativity, connection, and confidence all around by learning to honor and work with your dreams! In our Dream Sessions we take an embracing look at your entire life situation, including your nightly dreams, and carefully reflect upon how dream symbols, characters,  dream themes, emotional patterns, and various dream journeys relate to the challenges and decisions you face in waking life.


Deepen your meditation practice in a private session with Anna-Karin. Meditation helps you enter a peaceful state by connecting you with your true self in an infinite field of unconditional love and wisdom. For each conscious breath, develop higher self-awareness, and find acceptance in the here and now.


Submit your dream through the Online Dream Interpretation Gate and ask Anna-Karin for her thoughts on the dream, and advice on how to work with your dream.


In a Crystal Reiki Chakra Balancing session you are immersed in soothing Reiki healing infused with clearing crystalline energy.  This precious experience helps you enter a serene space of pure relaxation, love, bliss, and wonder. With soothing breath work and guided visualizations you are guided to connect with your source, as your chakras are balanced and your energy is boosted all around!

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